Employee Transportation

Employee Transportation

Loriflor Trans welcomes you to our round-trip employee transportation services in and around Brasov. In the past 15 years we have gained much experience as your ideal partner in employee transportation services. Our beneficiaries are businesses, supermarkets, and a wide variety of others. Transportation is conducted based on the number of spaces needed and the required destination.
The amenities of all modes of transportation are equipped with modern comforts so that every passenger will have a pleasurable experience and be relaxed on the way to work and again on the way home. Our services are much appreciated and proven by the vast number of companies and individuals that request our services. We are delighted to ensure that every passenger is happy with the conditions of the transportation. We offer very competitive prices as well. Also, our drivers are experienced in the transportation of employees and strictly respect work schedules, drive with great care, and do everything possible to ensure arrival on time to the destination. We ensure that the activities of your company will not be compromised. Safety and promptness are among our principal qualities.

Why choose employee transportation in and around Brasov?

For the past 10-15 years, the workforce has continued to grow as national and multi-national companies develop. Among the important offered benefits is employee transportation. More and more companies are choosing to provide free employee transportation, which is much more financially accessible for the employee. In cases where some employees have a company car at their disposal, this creates a greater financial burden for the company. Why? Vehicles require fuel, upkeep, repairs, monitoring, all of which add growing costs. Therefore, even if some companies can afford this privilege, choosing to collaborate with Loriflor Trans is an advantageous solution for everyone. Through employee transportation with our fleet, we desire to contribute to the protection of our environment. We know that every employee traveling in his or her own vehicle would create an undesirable and increased level of pollution. Therefore, the transportation of employees to the workplace and back, in and around Brasov, with our fleet is the perfect solution for your business. Employees will arrive on time and minimize late arrivals and other incidences that interrupt your company’s business. Also, in the event of your company working in three shifts, those working the night shift will arrive at work and home again more relaxed without the worry of personal vehicles or calling a taxi.
Choose the best employee transportation services in and around Brasov!
Due to our accessible offers, more clients desire to benefit from our employee transportation services in and around Brasov. To raise the level of your expectations, our vehicle fleet is always being updated in order to serve with quality and ensure your satisfaction in every way. On behalf of the entire Loriflor Trans team. See you soon!

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