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Passenger transportation- professional services from Loriflor Trans!

Transportation is a part of everyday life which requires the use of natural resources. We are helping to minimize time when moving from one place to another, stimulate changes commercially, and it is accessible to all people. Our company understands how important transportation and its efficiency is, which we prove by concentrating all our efforts on on passenger transportation . We take care that whether large or small groups, all arrive at their desired destination in record time and in maximum safety.
No matter the state of the roads, we assure that our selected fleet and drivers are chosen with great care to complete every excursion. Therefore, we offer a wide variety of personalized services to satisfy your every need, keeping in mind the purpose and distance of the excursion as well as passenger need and comfort. All this is realized with modern vehicles which are regularly inspected and serviced so that we can offer you the very best of conditions. Quality and flexibility are key elements on which we stand, proven by the testimonies of regular clients that are satisfied with the whole team of Loriflor Trans.

Chose the safety of transportation carried out by professionals!

With over 15 years of experience, we consider our transportation services an integral part of the societal structure in which we live and move. Therefore, transportation is a vital element for the workforce to arrive at their respective destinations when there are few other appropriate or cost-effective options. This also includes those that choose not to drive or have to fight for parking. In addition, we are preoccupied with and consistent with public transportation which allows those that desire to be environmentally friendly to take part in the reduction of pollution. The capacity of our vehicles allows the transportation of a large number of passengers to reduce the use of private vehicles. Every little bit helps when we want to make changes and we support the battle for a cleaner planet. Therefore, our transportation services respect the conditions to contribute to the good of the entire community.

When to choose personnel transportation services?

In the event that you desire transportation for a large group to get them to work on time, take a short trip, or have a Romanian destination in mind, we are at your service. We support our client’s transportation needs with very affordable prices. For additional details regarding our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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