Student excursions transportation

Student excursion transportation- Loriflor Trans treasures childhood moments!

The best excursions are the ones experienced as a student when looking to discover new things with classmates and teachers. Of course, we don’t forget scrambling for the window seat, the most desired spot for every passenger.
Our drivers have the necessary experience to ensure the best route so that no touristic location is missed, and every grand view is taken in. Depending on the number of participants in your group, our fleet of high-quality vehicles is equipped with every necessary comfort which will ensure a comfortable and pleasurable excursion. Each one is equipped with microphones for the excursion leader to offer desired information about important sites during the excursion. The high-quality audio system is also available to play the students’ favorite music. Our drivers are pleasant with a sense of humor and delight to participate in these short excursions while having fun.

Why us for student transportation?

Our goal is to organize the most successful personnel transportation possible, especially when in comes to students and children. These students are most joyful when embarking on a new adventure and Loriflor Trans knows exactly how to engage the personalities of children. Therefore, we offer a varied fleet of spacious, modern, and comfortable vehicles in which all students will feel wonderful for the duration of the excursion. Over the years we have learned from every new experience so that today we proudly affirm that we are specialists in transporting groups of school children of all ages for unforgettable excursions. All this unfolds in conditions of maximum safety, in the company of teachers and parents, and appropriate in each situation. We may stop or adjust speed to accommodate passengers that are feeling ill and we always respect traffic laws. We also respect a previously planned route, but at the clients request we are open to adjusting for the maximum benefit of the children. We offer flexibility because we want every new experience to be maximized. Further, we are a company that is proud to offer educated and friendly personnel that will act impeccably for the duration of the excursion. Does your school desire to organize an excursion for students and need transportation? Loriflor Trans is your trusted partner which offers the best transport solutions for student trips.

Student excursions

Loriflor Trans has the ideal mode of transportation for student excursions. Our entire fleet is registered and properly equipped to meet all requirements for legally transporting children for educational, cultural, or study purposes which take place in partnership with other schools, and for sporting events or extracurricular activities. According to the number of participants, Loriflor Trans is available for student excursions of any number. We guarantee that your excursion will unfold safely regardless of the trip. At the same time, the drivers of each respective vehicle are professionally certified and have undertaken medical and psychological examinations specific for the safe transport and responsibility of people. Our company has the necessary experience to undertake this mode of transportation outside of school hours as well. All modes of transportation, the entire fleet, is in accordance mechanically and technically, with all laws governing vehicles for the transportation of persons. In order to conduct an excursion for children in the best possible conditions, Loriflor Trans desires to develop strong collaborations with institutions of learning to initiate activities for school aged children. Here, we are considering setting the route and timetable that is necessary for the excursion. Our company reserves the right to analyze the quality of the roads which correspond to the desired route, weather conditions, and appropriateness of the season. All factors which are important to the success and safety of the excursion and participants will be analyzed by Loriflor and school officials. With us, embark on your excursion with safety. To find out more details about organizing a trip or our offers, please contact us.

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